Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A poem for baby Avery

I wrote this poem for a beautiful little girl that was born Monday afternoon.  I thought I'd post it to my blog to contrast my rambling, wordy rants on Christianity.  Remember, dear reader, you are a little child too.

For baby Avery
Little child, who saw the sun today
Do you know the One who lights your way?
He’s known you since the world’s begun
That you’d be His; you’d be the one
To fill the role He’s made for you
And love you infinitely more than you’re due
For the only source of perfect love
Comes from the heart of our God above
You’re perfect and worthy, belonging to Him
Even when your life seems painfully dim
So run and play and dance in the field
Not letting your joy ever be concealed
And believe me truly when I say
It is God Almighty who lights your way.

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