Monday, June 20, 2011

Is your vision insulting to God?

I was listening to a sermon by Pastor Steven Furtick the other day, and one line rocked my world.

"If the size of the vision for your life isn't intimidating to you, there's a good chance it's insulting to God."

I immediately wrote it on an index card and put it up on the bulletin board in my office.  It has been my facebook status three or four times since I heard it.  Every time I start thinking and praying about God's will for my life, I re-read that quote.  It has absolutely rocked my world.

But just this evening, it got taken one step further.  I read Steven Furtick's June 9th blog at and the true meaning of this hit me.  The blog basically states that Jesus likes to use the unlikely.  Furtick's premise is that you shouldn't become too likely, accumulate too many human resources or too much human power, or else you will be less likely to be used by God.

I immediately countered, what if you already have human power, or in my case, have many human resources?   Yes, God used the untalented, uneducated, the sinner, the highly unlikely, to carry out his work.  But what about those of us who are talented?  What about those who have been Christians since they've been weaned from the bottle, who have lived near perfect lives?  What about those who are the likely candidates?  Are they not going to be used?

Luke 12:48 states, "From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked."  To those of you who are "likely", the obvious choice for a particular ministry or purpose in God's kingdom...YOU NEED TO DREAM BIGGER.  Don't let the limitations others put on you cause you to ignore the big things God may be calling you toward.  Remember, "If the size of the vision for your life isn't intimidating to you, there's a good chance it's insulting to God."  Your vision for your life should be so big that when you accomplish it, no credit whatsoever can be given to you.  All things are for God's glory and if you short change the possibilities God has for you in His Kingdom, you are automatically handicapping your chance to use your life for God's glory.


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