Saturday, July 16, 2011

Book Review: Billy Graham in Quotes

Billy Graham in Quotes by Franklin Graham is simply that, a large book of Billy Graham quotes.  On one hand, I love this book.  It is organized by subject, there are lots of quotes on each subject and each subject starts with a quote from scripture.  Easy, simple and exactly what it promises to be.

Now, the downside of the book, at least for me...I just don't find most of Billy Grahams quotes that inspiring.  Not that any of them are wrong, necessarily, but just seeing them pulled out like this, no context, I would say a good 85% of them just fall kind of limp.  I will admit that I've never listened to a Billy Graham sermon, not that I disagree with him, just that he doesn't particularly grab me like other preachers.  Maybe it's a generational thing.  The truths are eternal, but the presentation may vary.

One thing this book did do for me, though, is help me see how special scripture really is.  This book, the way it's set up, reads almost like the book of Proverbs.  But the words of man fall flat where God's words are captivating.

Overall, not a bad book, and it's one I'm glad I own.  As a teacher, writer and speaker, I'm glad to have a resource like this that is so easy to use.  And as an inspirational tome, there are definitely some gems of wisdom in there.  As far as general reading, though, without any context to fill in around the quotes, it falls flat.

I received this book free from for this review.

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