Thursday, June 19, 2014

Book Review: Telling Yourself the Truth by William Backus and Marie Chapian

Bethany House has put out a couple really awesome Christian self-help books in the past few years and Telling Yourself the Truth:  Find Your Way Out of Depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger and Other Common Problems by Applying the Principles of Misbelief Therapy by William Backus and Marie Chapian is another one of those stellar Christian self-help books.

The basis of the book is simple.  The authors say that much of our depression, anger issues, fear, anxiety, etc. is caused by our believing false things about ourselves and the world around us.  The idea of misbelief therapy is that once you find out the falsehoods you believe, you identify what the correct thinking should be and work to replace the falsehood with the truth.  Having struggled with many of these problems in the past, I know how hard it can be to see what is true or false.  These authors do a very good job providing example thoughts and thought patterns that people actually experience in these situations and give plenty of examples of the truths that need to replace them.  My favorite chapter was about misbeliefs in relationships because the authors did an excellent job showing manipulative thought verses what love, honesty and truth say.

This book would also be of powerful use in spiritual warfare.  Even though Satan and spiritual warfare are not mentioned in the book (if it is, I missed it), Satan is the father of lies and it has been my experience that this is one of his favorite ways to attack us.  This would serve as a great field guide for combating lies from him.

I recommend this book to all Christians.  Even though not all of us struggle with depression, anxiety or fear, we all have those thoughts from time to time.  For someone going through those struggles, this book is a must read.  Those who struggle considerably may need to go through this book with a friend, pastor or counselor to help root out lies and truths in different situations.

I was provided this book free of charge from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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