Friday, October 31, 2014

Book Review: Magnetic by Lynn Cowell

I've done middle school/high school girls bible studies before.  One book I love for that is Redefining Beautiful by Jenna Lucado.  But this book, Magnetic:  Becoming the Girl He Wants by Lynn Cowell is going to become my next go to book for girls bible studies.

So much is pushed on young girls today that tells them that if they were "enough", they would get this or that boy to like them.  And they are pushed the ultimate lie...that getting a boy to like you is the main goal and anyone without a boy to like them is worthless.  Yes, it's getting that extreme!  This book addresses that lie by pointing out that girls who shape their lives around being what boys want will ultimately fail, not only at being in a good relationship, but most importantly, at ever becoming themselves.  By going through the Fruits of The Spirit, the author addresses the characteristics of a magnetic girl and shows that by focusing you energy Jesus instead of on potential boyfriends, you will grow into someone who is truly attractive to others.

This book does an excellent job of addressing the real things girls are feeling.  Just about every thought mentioned in this book either I had as a teen or teen girls I've worked with have talked about.  It does a very good job at staying relevant and giving truthful, relevant answers and advice.  There are quizzes throughout the book as well to measure how much you show the Fruits and they do a nice job of breaking up the material for a younger audience.  There is even a brief Leaders Guide in the back if the book is intended to be used in a small group or even just between mother and daughter.

I definitely recommend this book for teen girls who are already exposed to Christianity.  This book wouldn't be suitable as an evangelism tool, but it would be an excellent discipleship tool for girls already coming to church or who are in a youth group.  It is also a great resource for parents or even youth leaders in seeing how each trait is manifested in real girls.  I would recommend that an adult who the girl trusts also let the girl know if they have any questions, to talk to them, because some of what is in this book is so counter to what culture teaches us today.

I was provided this book free of charge by Multnomah in return for my honest review.

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