Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Love Dare for Parents by Steven and Alex Kendrick

The Love Dare, which was very popular a few years ago having been featured in the movie Fireproof, focused on restoring relationships between husbands and wives.  This book, The Love Dare for Parents, focuses, obviously on the relationships between parents and their children.  In the format and tone, this book is very similar to the original.  It has a reading, scripture, activity and journal space for each day over 40 days.

Each day of this book is based on a different aspect of love according to the Bible.  What pleasantly surprised me was that not every activity directly involved the children.  For instance, there were days where the parent was directed to focus on prayer or rest in order to have more energy and patience with their children.  I thought this was an excellent touch since often times parents feel compelled to do more and more with their children, to the point of exhaustion or bankruptcy, especially if the relationship is somehow strained.  There are also a number of days that focus on our spiritual relationship with God and how that can help us in our parenting.

For me, this book didn't suggest any revolutionary parenting ideas or things I hadn't heard before, but it was a good reminder to be intentional in my relationships with my children.  For a parent who feels distant from their child or who has a difficult relationship, such as step-parent, this book would be a really helpful guide in building and strengthening the connection they have with their child.

I recommend this book for all parents.  While one may not be able to do some of these things with very young children, it would serve as a good guide for how to navigate different situations as the child grows.  I could see this being a real battle with some children, especially teens, but if the parent is persistent enough, I believe it would still benefit the relationship, even if the teen didn't want to admit it.  Even if you don't need a major reconciliation with your child, this book would be beneficial in any parent/child relationship.

I was provided this book free of charge in return for my honest review.

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