Monday, July 6, 2015

The Complete 101 Collection by John C. Maxwell

I've read many, many John Maxwell books.  Whether it be about success, failure, people, or making life goals, John Maxwell's books are classics in the leadership genre.  I have a whole shelf of John Maxwell books and have been helped by many of them.  This one, The Complete 101 Collection:  What Every Leader Needs to Know is one that will take it's place on my self as well.

This book is a collection of the 101 books.  For a while, Maxwell was doing a series on the basics of different things that leaders need to know.  They were all short books compared to some of his others, but covered the basics of various topics well.  This book is simply a compilation of those books:  Attitude 101, Self-Improvement 101, Leadership 101, Relationships 101, Success 101, Teamwork 101, Equipping 101, and Mentoring 101.

In one way, this book is a God-send to me because I wanted to buy these books individually and it's nice to be able to buy them in one tome.  There are two things though that I count as drawbacks, though.  First, putting them into one book makes for a big, clunky book.  That makes it not the most comfortable to read or mark up and highlight.  Second, and this is a problem with all John Maxwell books, if you read more than one of his books, he's going to start repeating himself.  The man has written tons of books but really only has a certain amount to say.  What he repeats over and over among his books is good stuff, but if you've read a lot of his work, be prepared for some repetition.

I recommend this book to anyone in a leadership position, whether formal or just by influence.  Also, the back cover suggests using this book as a crash course, or like an entire semester, of leadership study.  That may be the purpose of this book, to create a volume that can be used like a textbook.  It is eight sections, so that would be easy for either an eight week session or a full 16 week course.

I was provided this book free of charge by Thomas Nelson in return for my honest review.

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