Saturday, July 21, 2012


The older I get, the more I realize I was built for adventure.

Just the other day, I was reading a chapter of a Christian book for men that talked about how men should romantically relate to their wives. The chapter suggested that men should watch their wife's favorite movie, assuming it is something like Titanic or Gone With The Wind to see how their wife wants to be wooed romantically. My favorite movie, though, is Easy Rider, one of most famous road trip, adventure movies ever. Perhaps adventure is how I'm wooed.

Sometimes I wonder if the Holy Spirit used my gnawing hunger for adventure woo me to the foot of the Cross and into a life serving Jesus. Adventure purely for the sense of adventure is a fairly flat proposition. But being led on a life of adventure because you have committed yourself to some higher that is worth spending your life on!

Right now I'm on a bus taking me from San Antonio to the US/Mexico border. I don't speak Spanish, have never been to Mexico, and really have no idea what to expect. I'd be lying if I said I haven't had times where I was scared. But then I remember that I'm on a God adventure. This is Christ wooing me, asking me to go and do for Him and me falling under His alluring spell.

Mission work isn't as much about helping others as about making yourself a vessel to be used in bringing God glory. And just by God's nature, doing anything that brings Him glory is going to be an adventure.

So my Christian walk is a passionate love affair strengthened by answering the call of adventure. I like that. And I want to live that. All for God's glory.

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