Friday, August 16, 2013

Book Review: Bread and WIne by Shauna Niequist

Bread & Wine: a Love Letter to Life Around the Table by Shauna Niequist is a very different kind of book, especially in the Christian genre. While it is definitely written by a Christian, there is very little discussion of Christianity in it. It seems to be part memoir, part journal and part recipe book. Being a Christian foodie, I was very interested to read this book. I wanted to see what someone who shared two of my biggest loves, Christ and food, had to write about.

Divided into many short chapters, each chapter has an essay, part story from her life and part reflection on it, and then almost every chapter ends with a recipe relevant to that chapter. The essays read very conversationally, almost like listening to someone you've just met on an airplane. The recipes are normal par for what I would consider a typical foodie, something a little different and fairly healthy, though I think everyone would be able at least a few they would try.

On one hand, I really liked that the book focused so much on such a "fleshly" topic as food and it's place in our lives. As most churched people know, the best fellowship involves food. On the other hand, though, I wished for more discussion on Jesus. There were aspects of the Christian life interwoven, such as talk about fasting or sharing meals with her small group, but there was little discussion on how love of food interacted with her love of Jesus. It is just something I expect from a book from Zondervan, something a little heavier on the Christian side.

Overall, I recommend this book to anyone, Christian or non-Christian. In fact, I think the most appropriate audience for this book is others that love food, regardless of religious belief. If you are looking for something light and airy, like talking to a friend, this book is it.

I was provided a free copy of this book from Zondervan in return for my honest review.

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