Sunday, August 18, 2013

Book Review: Second Chances by Julie & Mitch Kelly

Revelation 12:11 tells us that followers of Jesus will triumph over Satan "by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony".  Unfortunately, many books of Christian testimony fizzle out in long, boring chapters of self-adulation and false miracles.  Not so with this book, Second Chances:  A Wake-Up Call From the God Who Pursues Us by Julie & Mitch Kelly.  It's pages are adorned with real, honest struggles and tales of a God who puts us through the fire only to pull us out pure and refined.

Centering around the husband's serious medical conditions, the Kelly's break the book up into three parts, the wife's testimony, the husband's testimony and what they learned through it all.  Through plain and simple prose, we learn of the turning point in the lives of these two Christians who had God take hold of their life when they had nothing left but Him to cling to.  We get a candid glimpse into their lives, which were full of mistakes, doubts, prayer and a growing faith.  The book is also an interesting read because we get to see the caretaker's journey and the patients journey though the same devastating situation.  It was really enlightening to see how God used one situation to impact multiple people in such a powerful way.  The lessons they learned at the end are nothing that the average Christian hasn't heard before, but after hearing their testimony and seeing these truths through the backdrop of their story, they take on new meaning and impact.

I recommend this book for any Christian looking for a real, honest testimony of how God can use the worst of circumstances to grab the attention of His Children.  It would be especially helpful to those who know someone far from God and who want hope and encouragement that God does reach those people in ways that only He can.  It would also be an especially helpful book for anyone walking though a major medical situation, such as the one the Kelly's lived through.  I imagine that many of sentiments expressed would ring true for anyone facing a life threatening illness.

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