Thursday, January 22, 2015

Men's Bible by National Coalition of Ministries to Men

A men's bible may seem like something strange for a woman to review, but between living with my husband and trying to rear a Godly son, not to mention all the men I've ministered to over time, I have some insight on what men struggle with and are looking for to help them feel like strong men of Christ.

This bible attempts to do just that.  With a devotional book in the center of this bible, this bible focuses on what the National Coalition of Ministries to Men deem the three biggest issues for men:  having a better marriage, pornography and friendship.

As far as the Bible itself, it's not my favorite.  It's a Good News Translation, which is not my favorite.  The font is readable, but feels antiquated, much like font in bibles that are 30+ years old.  The printing is also kind of odd in that there are barely any margins around the text.  For people who write in their bible, this may be an issue.  For me, it felt like a misalignment with the text...except it's consistent throughout.  It does have a moderately durable cover that has texture to it, which I've found valuable when having to hold the bible open for long periods of time.

As for the devotion book in the middle, there are similar margin issues and it is printed on blue paper that looks cheap.  As for focusing on marriage, pornography and friendship, the topics seem randomly picked and, with the exception of pornography, not universal issues.  I can think of more universal issues, such as being a provider/work life, becoming a leader either of a household or in church, and dealing with feelings.

Overall, I wouldn't recommend this bible.  There are better one's on the market, unless you are really sold on getting a GNT translation.  While the individual devotions may be useful in some settings, as a whole, they seem disjointed.

I was provided this book free of charge from the publisher in return for my honest review.

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