Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible by Dr. William H. Marty and Dr. Boyd Seevers

I've heard many people say that all you need to be able to sit down and read the Bible is a good translation of the Bible.  I would venture to say that few people that say that have actually made an honest attempt at trying to study and understand the Bible.  For someone just starting out, or even someone well seasoned, the Bible can be overwhelming in its size and breadth.

That is why we need books like this one, The Quick-Start Guide to the Whole Bible:  Understanding the Big Picture Book-by-Book by Dr. William H. Marty and Dr. Boyd Seevers.  Having just a little information about the time period, the setting, the writing style and what was going on in the Kingdom of God and the world at the time of each book's writing can make a huge difference in our understanding and interpretation of what we read in the Bible.  This book does an excellent job going through each of the 66 books of the Bible and in an organized and easy to use way, presents us with just enough background information to dive into the scripture ourselves.  Written in very plain language, these authors give the setting, summary and significance of each book.

I highly recommend this guide for anyone looking to study the Bible on their own or for someone taking introductory Bible classes.  It even has value for the more experienced Bible reader who is looking for a quick refresher before digging into scripture.

I was given this book free of charge by Bethany House in return for my honest review.

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