Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Book Review: Take Charge of Your Emotions by Dr. Linda J. Solie

I've been through counseling a number of times and have been through various types of therapy.  Based on my experiences, if you are really ready to get to work and start tearing through your issues, this is the book for you.  Take Charge of Your Emotions:  Seven Steps to Overcoming Depression, Anxiety and Anger by Dr. Linda J. Solie is a summation of just about every process I've ever walked through with a counselor.

With lots of clear examples, Solie explains how to analyze what thoughts are leading us down a path toward unwanted emotions and helps us see the contrast to those thoughts with the truths from the Bible.  This book isn't simply a read it and you are better book--truthfully, those don't really exist anyway.  This is a book that is meant to be poured over, thought about, worked through with your real life situations and returned to time and time again.  Obviously, this doesn't address any medical or physical issues associated with the disorders, but it tackles the most intangible parts, which are the feelings and thoughts behind our actions.  Even if you are unable to work through this book by yourself, it would be a great resource in a counseling setting to help clients work through their emotions between sessions or to bring to their session things that they weren't able to work through or understand.

I highly recommend this book to anyone in counseling, seeking counseling or who is a counselor.  This, in a nutshell, is the whole gist of what counseling helps with and I've never seen it organized and presented in such a succinct, yet thorough way.

I was given this book by Bethany House Publishing in return for my honest review.

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